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Not Much Cycling

Things have been fairly quiet on the cycling front, mainly for a few reasons:

  1. Thunder and Lightening a few days last week
  2. Late getting out of work (deadlines looming large!)
  3. We were away again at the weekend.
But I did get out for a little spin around the place with Miriam. Not too far, and not too fast (she’s using a bike that’s pushing 18 at this stage, think I need to service it!), but it was nice to get out and not be fixated with average speed this, cadence that …
But just to make sure I’m not getting totally sedentary, we went for a bit of  a stroll/hike around the Clare Glens (it was after 7 before I got home from work, so not much time for anything else but still nice to get out in the countryside for a change) . And on Sunday (after a wedding), the troop climbed the Sugar Loaf in Wicklow. First time going up anything like that, but no major issues. Mike and his family joined us as well, and he even brought up his one year old daughter on his back, just in case it was too easy!
For the next week or so the chances of getting out mid week are looking slim, but the weekend is free so hopefully I’ll get a couple of spins in. Also, I’m going to make another attempt at (re-)fitting the mudguards. Between those, and the new Cateye lights I got the bike should be fully set for the autumn.
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