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2012 Goals

As is fairly obvious from the the blog, for a number of reasons (a new course, a lot of weddings but mainly sheer laziness) I have been bone idle for the last few months. It’s a pity, nearly all the weight that was lost has been put back on, and I can feel my asthma getting worse again (when I’m fit it is almost negligble). But the good news is that I think I have just about caught it before all of last years work is undone.

Even given the lapse after Mizen to Malin 2011 was pretty special. Considering when I first got my bike in 2010 I struggled to do 5km, a summary for last year included:

  • my first metric century (the Stephen Roche Tour de Cure)
  • my first century (the Ring of Kerry)
  • and spent a week cycling Mizen to Malin with my mates, definitely one of the best weeks put down
  • Overall road mileage for 2012 was 1955 miles, not huge, but I’m happy with it.

As of yet I haven’t been on the bike in 2012 (have college exams on Saturday and started back at work today). So Sunday is my first planned outing, and I’m hoping to get properly organised for the rest of the year, focussing on getting out every weekend. Being realistic, because of work and college I won’t have as much time as last year for long spells away on the bike, so I’ll need to be a bit more scientific this year. So some of the goals for 2012 include:

  • doing the 2012 Tour de Cure
  • the Ring of Kerry
  • The Tour de Burren (looks hilly)
  • The Etape Hibernia
  • I’d like to spend a long weekend doing a short tour (or even a couple of them). Connemara perhaps.
  • Post more regularly to the blog (help me focus on the bike!)
  • 3000 miles in total.

The last is definitely the hardest, because I have a lot less free time. But if I don’t have targets, I’ll never meet them!

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