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First spin of 2012

Not exactly an epic trek, but I finally hauled myself out and managed an easy spin today. The goal was to just go and spin very easily, I wanted to try and keep my heart rate under about 140 (for the next couple of months, just to recover some fitness, I’ll post a bit more on this later.)

I started off really easy, but the HR alarms I set on the Garmin started going off after just half a mile: not good! Since it was my first spin in months I just did a flat 20 miles, but even at 39×25 (about 12 mph) my HR was 166! Basically all my cardio that was built up last year has disappeared. But it’s not all bad. At that easy pace there was no lactic in the legs, plus it helped open up the lungs a bit. A significant plus from all the cycling last year was that it really helped with my asthma. The last few sedentary have slow started to eat into those gains, but for the first winter in years I got through without a chest infection.

I was trying to compare the mileage with what I was doing at this stage last year, but alas the Garmin Connect site is down again ( this spin must have been so epic I appear to have overloaded the server with the sheer awesomeness of the last upload!), but I don’t think I was on the bike this early last spring. And at that I’d say the mileage was only about 10-12 miles for the first few weeks. I know the first 5-10 miles left me feeling bad, even at that low speed, was the body got into a rhythm I started to feel half decent anyway. For the next few weekend s I’ll slowly ramp up the mileage, but even after today’s spin I would think I should be ahead of where I was at similar stages last year, at least through to the end of Spring anyway.

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  1. January 19, 2012 at 8:47 am

    I know the feeling of the surprising heart rate, but stick with it and it goes down quite quickly. I’m always shocked at how bad my cardio is even after taking a week or two off the bike. Good luck with your goals this year, too, by the way. Must get myself up to Ireland for a sportive or two…

    • January 20, 2012 at 3:07 pm

      Have a nice route near home tomorrow, as flat as I can find. But given we’re coastal I’m hoping for no wind!

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