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Etape Hibernia Cancelled

I’m a bit disappointed to hear the news on Friday that the Etape Hibernia is to be cancelled, but I’m not really surprised.

For those of you not in the know, the Etape Hibernia is one of a series of events, following on from other successful events such as the Etape Caledonia. But what really set it apart from others was that it was a closed road event, covering 84 miles around County Clare. Normally this wouldn’t really be a factor for me, in that I tend to stick to quiet roads anyway.  But without doubt the most spectacular scenery I have cycled around was the Clare coast, so I was really looking forward to seeing what it was like on closed roads.

Having said that, while the concept was good the organisers had completely shot themselves in the foot with the timing. Regardless of how well it is run on the day, the extra cost over other events (I think it was over €50 for entry) would be enough to put off a lot of people. But factor in that the event was always run on the same weekend as one of the flagship Irish sportives, the Sean Kelly tour, well there was ever only going to be one winner. Looks like I’ll be cycling in Waterford in August (NB that’s a good thing!)


Limerick Wins €9 Million Funding as a Smarter Travel Demo City

February 2, 2012 1 comment

Good news for cyclists in Limerick: it was announced yesterday that Limerick was one of the winners of a National Competition for Smarter Travel Areas, along with Dungarvan and Westport.Spread over 5 years, the Limerick proportion will be €9 million). Among the aims of the project, according to the Irish Government website, are:

  • improved cycling ways, including safe routes to school and to key business and workplace zones;
  • secure cycle parking in town centres or at public transport nodes;
  • better walking facilities, including pedestrianisation;
  • lower speed limits in residential and town centre areas;
  • school and workplace travel planning
  • e-working
  • car clubs
The Limerick City and County Councils, as well as the University are at the heart of the project, and some of the key target, include increasing the amount of cycle journeys by a factor of almost 5, while increasing walking and reducing car journeys. A key objective is to link four hubs
  • the City Centre
  • Castletroy (including the National Technology Park and University)
  • Corbally
  • And Southill.
Some of the cycling-speciific changes that are expected include:
Hand & Foot Rails

Image courtesy of

  • Advanced Stop Lines (ASLs): These basically give cyclists a head start at junctions, making the cyclist more visible, especially to left-turning traffic.
  • As some of these ASLs hand & foot rails will be installed, to help balance at stops.
  • Bike Pool schemes at certain employers
  • A public bike hire scheme
  • Cycle safety training for adults
Unfortunately (for me anyway) it appears Dooradoyle and Raheen aren’t part of the focus of the project, a pity considering the presence of the Business Park and Hospital, as well as the large resedential population. Having said that, Limerick winning the project can only be a good thing; it would be great if Limerick became a bike friendly city like Amsterdam or Copenhagen.

The Limerick application is available to read here.  It’s cover on page 7 of the Limerick Post and also at the Irish Times.